Who Are We

  1. The Unlimited Network
It’s a network of independent retailers from sectors including restaurants, hotels, clothing, decoration and furniture, among others. We invigorate city centers by connecting 450 high-end stores with more than 40,000 members and subscribers. Appearing on the windows of our partners for over two years now, the Unlimited Card label is a guarantee of quality : product selection, top-notch services and organization of prestigious events. You are the first to know and have the guarantee of exclusive offers.
  2. Your advantages and benefits

    The Unlimited membership propels you to the rank of VIP in our community. You enjoy privileges and exclusive benefits from our retail partners.

  3. Web-to-Store animations and prestigious events
    Through this concept we ensure proximity between our members, affiliates and their stores. As part of the Unlimited Card networked community, you enjoy your favorite stores’ events (exclusive sales, latest news, online booking), along with other commercial activities («open night» parties, fashion shows, street golf, inaugurations, exhibitions, etc). Meet others in the network and introduce your friends!

  4. Proximity between you, your retailers and your friends!
    At Unlimited Card, we work closely with our partners, members and subscribers through an active and personalized support system. Each person becomes an Unlimited Card ambassador through our sponsoring program. Now thanks to you, your best friends can discover and enjoy the Unlimited Card benefits !

  5. Well-being and safety.
    Becoming an Unlimited Card subscriber is easy. Simply visit a merchant partner to get the Unlimited card (28€ value), this single purchase gives immediate rewards and allows login access to our site and all its premium benefits. If you wish to become a member, register on our website, without cost or obligation. Click here to become a member or subscriber. All the informations provided during registration is kept strictly confidential.

    See you soon in your Unlimited network !

How it Works

  1. As a visitor, I browse the Unlimited Card website freely and free of charge.
    I discover independent retailers carrying the Unlimited Card label and visit their page in one simple click ! I find the information I need of my favorite merchants’ pages. I learn about their products and events plus receive their latest updates.
  2. I want to become a member.
    I register at the Unlimited Card site without cost or obligation. As a member, I immediately have the advantage of rewards and additional reductions: exclusive sales, Le Shop, events, news and newsletters, etc.
  3. I want to become a subscriber.
    I request my Unlimited card on the UC site, and purchase it €28 from a retailer partner. With the number at the bottom left of my card, I register on the site and enter the UC system. I then get full advantage of the Unlimited Card services : chat, additional discounts, coupons, sponsorship. Everything is there!
  4. I can sponsor friends.
    If i refer friends and family, they will also enjoy the Unlimited Card rewards. And when 8 of them register on the UC website, I get a coupon from an Unlimited Card retailer and an additional Unlimited card!

The Unlimited Network